Don’t lose your job. Plan a Microsoft 365 backup

“We have mail services on Microsoft 365. Backups? We don’t need them, it’s the magic of the cloud!”

How many times we heard this phrase and how many times this sentence caused irremediable loss of important emails and attached files, events not missable or vital contacts from the address book. Adopt cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 is often associated to working methods where data is stored on Microsoft servers and therefore it’s up to Redmond company to hold and manage backups of that data.


It’s wrong.

The responsibility for data management and also for backup lies with the customer.

Microsoft’s primary responsibility is to keep its cloud platform available and operational. Yes, Microsoft 365 uses replicas of the content of accounts between geographically located datacenters, but these replicas are synchronized for the purpose of data accessibility, to ensure the operation of cloud services even after a failure on a datacenter or hardware failure.


“But it will never happen to us!”

How many times this response has underestimated a real problem. From accidental deletion to incorrect retention policies configuration, from internal security threats by disgruntled employees to external threats like ransomware, from legal and compliance requirements to hybrid implementations of complex Exchange and Teams structures. These are real problems that everyone will have to face sooner or later.


Prevention is better than cure.

Let’s suppose your company’s close to the end of quarter with important agreements with new customers coming to the conclusion and your boss mistakenly opens a phishing mail, containing word file with a macro, which triggers a ransomware attack and all business emails are irretrievably lost.

You are the IT guy. Do you think you will still have a job after you have to tell your boss that company doesn’t have a backup?


This is why Microsoft 365 backup is critical. and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 are by your side to win this challenge.


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